My Life as a Wife, Mother, Sister, and Escort in London

Eight years ago, I met the love of my life as I was about to graduate from college. His name is Joshua from East London. Unlike my previous boyfriends, Joshua was older, well built, good looking, settled, and fully focused on the life ahead. I walked down the aisle with Joshua three years after our first encounter and delivered twins eighteen months later.

Joshua lost his job eight months after my delivery, prompting me to step up and chip in financially. I searched for any job I could across the city of London, but my efforts yielded zero fruits. In due time, I had to improvise for my sake and my children’s as Joshua was slowly turning towards the bottle to drain his sorrows and stress of losing his job and friends.

Two weeks down the line, I met Christina from my college days and changed my mind about working hard and working smart. Long story short, I landed a job in a top agency managing escorts in London. Christina made my transition into the new job comfortable and effortless as I learned to manage my roles as a mother, wife, daughter, sister diligently.

I had breastfed twins, but my breasts but I stood out among the busty escorts in my agency. My husband knew that I worked a regular job that requires extra hours but didn’t care to ask more as he could his hands on a bottle of vodka or can of beer. I saved a good amount and invested in my body to attract more high-class clients from London and England at large.

I took great care of my children and husband for three years and learned that I needed to take care of myself in the coming days. My job as an escort granted me an opportunity of meeting clients from all parts of England. I took it upon myself to watch, observe, absorb, and learn to secure my future and that of my kids that needed a happy home.

Two years ago, I enlisted my husband into a local rehabilitation center to help with addiction to alcohol and other opioids. He was out of rehab after six months and has been chaste ever since. Six months ago, I got a formal job that does not pay as good as an escort’s work. To protect my cover, I took the job but still manage to work as an escort at my convenience.

My husband is regaining control of his life, and we are hopeful that he can land a job soon enough to help me with the responsibilities. At the moment, Joshua works in one of my shops without knowledge of my involvement with the shop. Sometimes, I wish to let him know of my second life, but I fear that he would walk away from the kids and me.

Going forth, I plan to build a better life for my children to protect them from unseen dangers in the future. I prefer meeting mature clients and couples to protect my identity from leaking to my family. Living a double life has helped me live free of stress and financial challenges but affects my social life. I plan to retire in a month, but I guess I shall miss some clients.