My Life as a Wife, Mother, Sister, and Escort in London

Eight years ago, I met the love of my life as I was about to graduate from college. His name is Joshua from East London. Unlike my previous boyfriends, Joshua was older, well built, good looking, settled, and fully focused on the life ahead. I walked down the aisle with Joshua three years after our first encounter and delivered twins eighteen months later.

Joshua lost his job eight months after my delivery, prompting me to step up and chip in financially. I searched for any job I could across the city of London, but my efforts yielded zero fruits. In due time, I had to improvise for my sake and my children’s as Joshua was slowly turning towards the bottle to drain his sorrows and stress of losing his job and friends.

Two weeks down the line, I met Christina from my college days and changed my mind about working hard and working smart. Long story short, I landed a job in a top agency managing escorts in London. Christina made my transition into the new job comfortable and effortless as I learned to manage my roles as a mother, wife, daughter, sister diligently.

I had breastfed twins, but my breasts but I stood out among the busty escorts in my agency. My husband knew that I worked a regular job that requires extra hours but didn’t care to ask more as he could his hands on a bottle of vodka or can of beer. I saved a good amount and invested in my body to attract more high-class clients from London and England at large.

I took great care of my children and husband for three years and learned that I needed to take care of myself in the coming days. My job as an escort granted me an opportunity of meeting clients from all parts of England. I took it upon myself to watch, observe, absorb, and learn to secure my future and that of my kids that needed a happy home.

Two years ago, I enlisted my husband into a local rehabilitation center to help with addiction to alcohol and other opioids. He was out of rehab after six months and has been chaste ever since. Six months ago, I got a formal job that does not pay as good as an escort’s work. To protect my cover, I took the job but still manage to work as an escort at my convenience.

My husband is regaining control of his life, and we are hopeful that he can land a job soon enough to help me with the responsibilities. At the moment, Joshua works in one of my shops without knowledge of my involvement with the shop. Sometimes, I wish to let him know of my second life, but I fear that he would walk away from the kids and me.

Going forth, I plan to build a better life for my children to protect them from unseen dangers in the future. I prefer meeting mature clients and couples to protect my identity from leaking to my family. Living a double life has helped me live free of stress and financial challenges but affects my social life. I plan to retire in a month, but I guess I shall miss some clients.

Everything You Need to Know About Escorts in London

Have you been seeking casual sex from escorts in Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Bayswater, and all the environs of London? Worry no more. In this article, we’re going to reveal everything you need to know about escorts in London. You might be considering to get blonde but not sure of where to start. You might have done it in the past but are hesitant because all didn’t end well with the previous escorts. Either way, you’re in the right place.

With patience, determination, and diligence, you will realize that hiring London escorts is neither challenging nor dangerous. The critical thing here is to have a clear picture in mind of what you need. You might have specifications of the particular person you want to shag. Sometimes you may find yourself attracted to escorts with specific educational levels, physical characteristics, or age. Casual sex even gets better when you’re not ashamed of your fetishes. Do you prefer companions who are bisexual, transgender, or just someone to pass the time? Are you seeking to find an exhilarating experience you have not seen in porn or want someone to relieve your boredom?

As it is with most black market operations, hiring escorts can be very intimidating. There is always that element of uncertainty or risk caused by prohibition. Ergo, it is a good idea to avoid rushing, expecting to find genuine escorts. There are cases where people get robbed or arrested just because they hurried to find a blonde. However, there are escort agencies who come in handy to differentiate real escorts and con artists.

How to find escorts in London

There are two ways of hiring escorts in London. It is either you use an agency or hire them escorts independently. If you choose an agency, you will have somewhere to report your complaints if the girl acts up or does not show up. However, this will not happen if you decide to seek escort independently.

Finding a genuine Escort Agency

The escort agency you pick should allow you to take all the precautionary steps to protect your privacy. The best escort agencies have directories specified depending on cost, race, fetish, and many other factors. A new agency might look appealing to having beautiful girls but may not have the experience you require. It is also essential to check if the agency has law enforcement challenges to avoid getting charged for solicitation.

Meeting escorts in London

Once you meet an escort, it is upon you to be cautious about taking responsibility for your property and items. It is advisable to confirm if your escort has attained legal age before you begin engagements. Don’t be coy in making payments, push boundaries, or ask prying questions. If you have to cancel the meeting, do it in advance. You are inclined to receive top-notch services if you treat your escort well. Understand that you have only paid for a service, but the escort is not solely responsible for your satisfaction. Escorts are not different from other people in other market industries. It is crucial to appreciate your escort after sex. The more you tell her what you want, the more you enjoy your date.

If you have not hired escorts before, it is essential to have these factors carefully considered in your mind. Forget about those moments when girls ignored you at the bar or social gatherings. Escorts in London are fun!

Finding the perfect escort in London


If you work as a marketing manager, you may be sent away from the working place. The job situation can separate you from your family and more specifically the wife. As a result, you may be challenged to find for an escort especially if you visit London. Many European locals from different parts of the world become escorts, and so it is easy to find one if you wish. However, you need to find the perfect escort that suits your needs. Some companions wish to be there for companion services and to avail themselves of bed services.
Finding the perfect fit for you is important. This article will highlight important factors to consider when finding the perfect escort in London

1) Browsing online

Browsing online is an appropriate way of finding the best fit for you. Online directories offer varied information of agencies that provide such services. It is possible to get the top class escorts especially if you find on the popular websites. During the finding process, personal details are necessary. Escorts use the details provided to communicate with the client.

2) Escort’s Agency review

London hosts many escort agencies. The best agency should have the company business name. Also, contact details provided on the website is a critical factor to consider. The information for an authorized agency should be marketed in the social media and other relevant platforms like Yellow pages.

3) Escort’s Reviews

Some clients in London write reviews about their experience with London escorts. While finding a perfect escort, you would rather check online reviews about the escort name and agency she works for. Public reviews help to get information and assist you to evaluate if such a woman is best for you. Information like the website of the escort can tell the quality of services she offers. The poor website may indicate low-quality services.


It is important to check the best escorts to satisfy your needs. Poor finding techniques can lead you to dangerous situations and regretting moments. Be wise because everybody is out to look for money.

Have Great Time with Super London Escorts

London is a city of dreams for many. It is a place that has a huge number of things to offer. From massive shopping centers to beautiful scenic places, you will find them all here. It is one of the most preferred destinations for tourists.

London is truly is a great place to be. Whether you live in the city, work here or just come here for the weekend to play, it truly has everything you could possibly want and so much more. Even the ancients knew that London was something truly unique. Being one of the major metropolitan cities in Europe, and dating back to the Romans, London has seen many things come and go, and yet still stands regally as a symbol of not only the past but also the future.

You will find individuals coming to this gorgeous city for several reasons such as shopping, attending events, trips, etc. Nonetheless, there are a certain set of people who are attracted to this place over and over again because of one reason that is the escorts service that this city has to provide. There are many agencies in this part of the world that have created a name for themselves in providing high class reputed escorts.If you are new to the city, or just love tripping around and finding new and wonderful things to do here, the best company you could possibly ask for is the company of a beautiful woman from one of the many Escort Services that London has to offer.

If you are alone and seek the company of such women, you should hire the services of London escorts. These escorts can meet you right in the London city airport, and you can spend the most wonderful days of your life with them. These escorts are some of the most gorgeous women you will set eyes upon. They have voluptuous bodies, and graceful, feminine movements. They are also very intelligent, and knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics – from politics to entertainment, from philosophy to sports. Once you meet an escort in London city, you can take her to any location you want, for any duration. She can also accompany you to different countries, on a lengthy vacation. She can also stay at your home in London and be your girlfriend.

Escorts in London city are very bold and outgoing. As a result, they are ready to perform whatever services you expect from them. For example, they can provide you a sensual, uplifting massage in a hotel room. If your flight out of London is delayed, you can even enjoy their company for the few intervening hours. London escorts have no qualms in accompanying you even during the night to distant places, where it would be just the two of you. They are also very experienced in providing physical pleasure to their clients. They have knowledge of BDSM, role play, and other techniques of sexual activity. A night with a London escort surely promises to be a really exciting one. If this is not enough, you can also hire several escorts at a time. Imagine the thrill of going around London with several hot women on your arms! Whatever services a single escort can provide you, can also be provided by multiple escorts. This simply means many times more fun.

London escorts come from all regions of the world. You can also choose escorts by their skin and hair color – blondes or brunettes. You should visit the London escorts website to get a complete idea of the stunning women whose company you can enjoy. This website lists escorts by location, nationality, ethnicity, etc. You can know the personal details of every escort, including her name, age, and body measurements.

The website also allows you to look up escorts based on different age ranges. Whether you have a fetish for young chicks in the blossom of youth, or mature women, you can satisfy it by hiring these escorts. The website also has information regarding the rates charged by different London escorts. Usually, they are less expensive than most other escorts in the UK. The procedure for hiring an escort is simple – merely call up a 24-hour toll free number, tell the name of the escort you desire, and your booking is made. Then you can relax and wait for these fabulous women to reach you

Celebreting with an escort

Today it has become a trend to turn up with London Escorts ( ). All of us feel that celebrations are incomplete without women. No occasion is complete without them. They add beauty to our life. Let it be a business venture, celebration or any other private affair, and no occasion can be graced completely without women. People intentionally call escorts to their high profile parties to take care of their guests and make their party special. Beautiful escorts serve at the parties to increase the glory of the guests. The demand for escorts in London is increasing with every passing day. Whether you are going for a business trip or organizing a party at your house, it is appealing to see escorts.

There are plenty of London escort agencies that let you hire an escort any time. You can even take your escort along with you to a business trip. After finishing your meeting, you can roam around in the city and enjoy her company as escorts present themselves nicely. You can share all your naughty secrets with them. They will laugh, joke, have fun and make you love them completely as escorts are trained and know different moves to satisfy you.

There are many hotels that offer escort service to their customers. London escorts are the best escorts in the world not just because they have the perfect body, but they also can satisfy the needs of their customers. If you are feeling alone or looking for a night full of ecstasy, then all you need to do is to hire a London escort.

You can take them to parties along with you or can hire them for a holiday. Also, when you wish to win a particular deal with your client, you can offer him an escort service at your party to impress him. There are many websites that offer wonderful profiles of the female escorts. You can even read about the nature and vital stats of each of them. These escorts are young, beautiful, attractive, and sensual and you will want to hook up with one of them. You can even book your escort service online with any of the London escort agencies. image4

Girls in the London area are well known for taking great pride in themselves and are great conversationalists, great at putting you at ease and passionate about what they do, and this includes the time they spend with you. A quick search of the internet will come up with all the girls in the area who are available for outcalls, so gone are the days where you have to be holed up at home all day. You want to show your date off! You can go for a picnic in a nearby park, get to know each other while lazing about in the sun, eating strawberries. Or how about meeting up at a nice restaurant, sharing a bottle of wine, and then retiring to a nice hotel nearby? Or maybe you need someone to accompany you to a work function or even a wedding? Cheap Escorts in London do it all and much more!

If you happen to fancy Brazilian women like Gisele then with a few clicks of the mouse you can arrange to spend the evening with one of London’s cheap escorts who is trained in Brazilian massage, or any massage for that matter. Tired aching shoulders for long haul flights melt away under the caress of a trained London call girl, and your other manly needs will also be met. image5

All girls offer the Girlfriend Experience, so you can choose someone that is exactly your type to take along to work functions and introduce as your girlfriend if you want. The best part is your work colleagues will be wondering how you managed to get such a hot girlfriend, and only you and your escort will know the truth! You can guarantee that your secret is safe with her, cheap escorts in London pride themselves on being incredibly discreet. All you have to do, is to partake in all that London has to offer is a quick internet search, and before you know, it you’ll be living it up in the city with a gorgeous girl by your side.image2

This Is What You Should Know About London Escorts Services

There are lots of online platforms which offer reliable and affordable London escorts services. Most of the platforms are effectual and have got categories of beautiful girls waiting and willing to meet clients. Whether you want a social date, someone to accompany you to a social function or dinner, or you just want to spend some time with a beautiful girl, the platforms are the best option for you. They actually offer models who love to please.
You are able to check out a series of girls’ profiles from the internet. Photos supplied are usually genuine and the basic information provided about the models is simply appealing. What is most interesting is that with just a simple phone call you will be able to meet a desirable escort from your home or in a hotel or if you want you can join them at their luxury apartments for an incall.

Whatever type of girl you are yearning for, busty or slim, tall or petite, young or mature, these platforms can help you out. Above all, models from all races are featured to ensure that customers with all sorts of needs are well-served.
It may surprise you but it is true that some of the reliable online London escorts platforms offer Duo Escorts Services, which allows you to enjoy the pleasure of spending some special time with more than one girl. These platforms are able to proffer this service majorly because they invite new model applications all the time. Therefore, any girl who is willing to join and earn from the London escorts thing can send an application and if the application is accepted she will be allowed to join the team.

Why You Should Consider Using these Platforms
There are a number of reasons why you greatly should consider using the services offered by these online agencies. The benefits majorly revolve around quality services, reliability, efficiency and cost effectuality. Some of the key reasons are as discussed below:

The main reason is that typically reliable London escort companies are able to link you to more than 150 presentable escort models. This way you are able to choose a model that best serves your needs. The models are as well pictured and categorized accordingly so that it becomes simpler for you to pick the right girl.
The pictures posted are professionally shot and the most recent ones are normally used as profile pictures. This is to ensure that you never get annoyed with the looks of the girls you meet online and on the ground. Luckily, most of the girls advertised are guaranteed real, though not all online agencies promise this. What makes these platforms to be more dependable is that they provide basic information about the girls, for instance, their sizes & heights.
The online agencies are normally reviewed by genuine clients so the reviews serve as source information about what you should expect from their services. It is thus; very easy to compare various companies and be able to choose the one that can best serve you. Best online London escorts agencies are characterized with more than fifty reviews from different sorts of clients. The reviews, fortunately, supply you with information about the girls so choosing the right model is also simple.
The fact that the platforms allow new model applications helps them get access to newbie girls who are often fresh. The new models are actually characterized with sparkling personalities, which is why clients usually love to pay for their services. Old time girls, on the other hand, are well-versed about escort service matters and their long time experience is something you should not miss out.

It is possible to book models via the internet and in advance. This makes it even better because if you find a girl you really want to spend time with you can book her early enough. This is just to safeguard your order since the agencies serve a lot of customers who could be having similar preferences.
All in all, you should be cautioned that not all online London escorts agencies are reliable. Some are not genuine so they are greatly ineffective. This calls for the need to be very careful with the kind of platform you choose to use.

London escorts

London is considered as one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is well-known for its tranquility of nature and exotic locations. Travelers from all around the world have been attracted to this city due to many reasons. Gorgeous escort service in London is one most outstanding reason which makes this place more popular among tourists. If you come to London on any event and miss-out on having the advantage of being accompanied by these gorgeous London escorts, then you perhaps have missed the actual charm of the place. London is known as the City of Love and Lights.


The elevated monuments and towers seem to mesmerize in the night with all those bright lights gleaming together. Now, on such occasions, everyone wants the company of a goddess of elegance and beauty in London. This is going to be the splendid experience of your lifetime. Perhaps, yes. London escort is what you all need while traveling to London all alone. These escorts can be the perfect companion you probably have in a lonely evening in London. These escorts have the youthful charm and head turning prettiness.


They have completely taken over many people all around the world. If you want to avail the services of these escorts, then you can go for escort services in London. The main purposes of hiring these escorts are different for everyone. For instance, if you’re new to this place and want to search around the vital sights, scenery and other kinds of stuff then you may look for the company of some beautiful and intelligent escort in London. These escorts will be pleased to guide you all through the way, and they will also take you to the most unusual places in London. In case you have to attend any event or a late night party then do not worry! London escorts are there for you to fulfill all your needs and to accompany you at wee hours.


These London escorts have all the talent and intelligence to fulfill all your event related requirements. They are considered as a good company when you are all alone in London. Everyone will be spell bounded by seeing the elegance of your evening companion. You can even enjoy personal moments with them as they are comfortable listening what all you have to say. You can arrange dinner with your London escort and enjoy the best French food along with your amazing escort. Escorts London services are offered online as well. If you want to book a date with any of these escorts, then you can search online sites for more details. Each London escort is well-trained regarding offering supreme satisfaction to her clients without leaving a single scope for criticism at all.


Enjoy the freedom of doing just what you want, how you want and forget all your worries in her arms. Besides, London escorts are so professional that they know exactly what makes a man happy and they go about giving their customers all the happiness they expect and don’t That is the surprise package for you.


It doesn’t matter if you are single or married, this friend by your side can give you unlimited amounts of pleasure. All you need do is to log on to the website of any London escorts agency and run through all the profiles and photos of the girls available there. Book the girl of your choice for the time you can spare and get the most out of your precious personal time.


And to guide you through the paces of how the escort agency works, we are here to help. While you can be in complete control of the London escorts, leave it to us at the agency to guide you through mundane aspects of your time with her such as how to pay, modes of payment, etc.


In case you don’t know, your London escort is friendly, sophisticated, funny, bubbly, good conversationalists, extremely decent and interested in most things. So, she can give you not just physical pleasure but intellectual fire too. Hiring a London escort’s means that she will give you her best services and behave in a dignified manner always. Your London escorts is always charming and lovely, always treating you with respect and dignity. You can choose to either conduct a physical relationship with her or just have her with you as a friend with whom you might want to see London.